Seven Pounds: Provocative At Hear

From acclaimed director Gabriele Muccino – The Pursuit of Happiness – and once again collaborating with Will Smith comes one of the most provocative movies of the year. Just in time for the holiday season you can watch Seven Pounds free online – a thought-provoking story that will capture the audience’s heart.

Seven Pounds - a movie with Will Smith

At the start Ben Thomas (Smith) says; “In 7 days, God created the world. In 7 seconds, I shattered mine.” From then on, the story unfolds with a sense of mystery around him because not much is revealed to understand what motivates his actions. The only certain thing is his pathos to redemption – sometimes in the most thoughtless approach – to repair something along his life. Ben’s plan is to drastically change the lives of seven total strangers without expecting anything back.

Screenwriter Grant Nieporte does well presenting Ben’s quest – his haunting life and secret clearly carries out the character’s emotions and actions. He even throws an unconventional love story in it – when Ben falls in love with one of the characters he is trying to help. Even though it seems contrived at times, it works to reveal Ben’s character and fears.

Seven Pounds is a well-thought out and executed film. And although audiences will immediately jump to compare it with Paying it Forward – the full movie takes a completely different turn. Yes, it is about the connections between people but in this case it is up to Ben Thomas to decide who gets to have a better life. In a strange way, the haunted man becomes judge and jury – and love is an unexpected donation – just as his ultimate deed will be.