Red Sparrow Is Suspenseful Spy Film With Surprising Twists

The spy thriller genre is one of the most overused plotlines in Hollywood and Red Sparrow is yet another movie that expands the long list. The American film had grabbed attention right from its pre-production stage as the grand reunion of Jennifer Lawrence with her Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence. As the book has two sequels, we’ll most probably have the opportunity to watch Red Sparrow online free once again since we expect the full movie to be turned into a franchise with at least two more parts with the same characters and lead actors.

From Russia With Love

The tale is set in modern-day Moscow and has Jennifer Lawrence playing Dominika Egorova, a prima ballerina whose career ends unexpectedly due to an onstage injury. Unable to financially support her ailing mother, Dominika is forced to work for the Russian Intelligence Service and is trained to be a sexually manipulative agent for them. Post her training period at the Sparrow School she is assigned to seduce a CIA agent who is trying to penetrate into the secrets of the Russian intelligence.

Joel Edgerton stars as the CIA operative Nate Nash, one of the most pivotal characters. Joely Richardson plays the mother of Dominika and Matthias Schoenaerts is cast as her uncle who works with the Russian intelligence. The supporting cast also includes Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Thekla Reuten and Bill Camp.
Joel Edgerton

Red Sparrow ends up as a more than decent beginning for what could turn out to be a potential franchise. The movie is furnished with a tightly written plot and the actions and motives of all the lead characters are put out convincingly. It has everything you expect from a spy thriller – double identities, passionate relationships, and the mandatory twists and turns in the story line. Also for a change, watch online Red Sparrow – it’s not just another film that relies on mere action sequences and it cares more about the complexity of the plot and its characters.

Jennifer Lawrence Does Her Best

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely the USP of the movie with her scintillating performance in a challenging role. Even though the character is pulled back a bit by the flimsy wig and an unconvincing accent, the actor exhibits an immense commitment to her role. Her fierce performance as the seductive spy keeps you totally engaged. The reliable Joel Edgerton does add some intriguing layers to his slightly one-dimensional role. Also, watch out for Mary-Louise Parker in a cameo appearance as a rogue US Senator.
Jennifer Lawrence in swimwear

On the downside, the lengthy running time and complex sexual politics of the movie might be disappointing for the less-forgiving viewers. Unlike the usual thrillers that are packed with mildly intense action scenes, Red Sparrow does seem to have a bit too many torture scenes and violence. But, the bottom-line is that it’s exciting to watch Red Sparrow if you are into hard-edged spy films and mature thrillers.