The Mountain Between Us Has Everything You Would Like To See In A Movie

If you are looking for a love story blooming in a remarkable way, then you should definitely watch free The Mountain Between Us online, a film directed by Academy Award nominee Hay Abu-Assad. The movie stars some of the best actors in the industry, Idris Elba and an award winner Kate Winslet. It surprises its viewers by the way it shifted from an adventure to romantic melodrama, but still feels very natural.

The Mountain Between Us - movie with Kate Winslet

If you watch The Mountain Between Us, you may think this is an adventure with two people as they journey through the wilderness. While it certainly revolves around their journey and experiences as they try to survive after the crash, it turns out that the full movie is about love that develops between two different individuals in a very difficult situation, probably even one of the most traumatic and devastating incidents that can happen in someone’s life.

What Happens?

Let me introduce you Alex – a free-spirited photojournalist who is getting married in the morning and a surgeon – Ben, who needs to do a surgery on a dying ten-year-old boy the following day. They are stuck in the Salt Lake City airport due to a storm and decided to pair up and persuade a charter pilot to fly them in spite of the impending storm.

Both were busy doing their own thing when the plane crashes leaving them stranded and freezing, with just the golden retriever owned by the pilot to keep them company. At first, you will probably think that it is a survival movie. Well, at some point, it looks like it is. However, you will find that as the story progresses, it builds romance between the characters.

Is it A Fantasy Film?

If your idea of fantasy is being stranded for weeks alone with Idris Elba in an unspoiled, striking wilderness that will leave you in awe, and then having him fall in love with you, then The Mountain Between Us is definitely every woman’s fantasy. This flick will surely make you fall for him and the nature even more. Since its opening in the theaters, it has gained a lot of reviews from thousands of fans and critics.

Idris Elba

Turning Survival Into Romance

The film does not just dwell on the grimness of the setting or on survival techniques. In fact, these people rarely think about the possibility of death.

The script, written by J Mills Goodloe and Chris Weitz, smoothly shifts from one obstacle to another, as the main characters are brought closer together, giving each other support. With the isolated setting, and not having anyone know their location, it just makes them the only people in the world. It is just a matter of time before this couple fall in love with each other.

the crashed plane

In addition to the unique plot and the transition from survival to romance, no one can watch The Mountain Between Us free online without being captivated with the striking scenery and gorgeous shots of the marvelous mountains. Although their situation is not a good one, everything around them looks stunningly beautiful.

Though it is half survival story, you would not totally feel the danger of their situation. You will never see their fingers rot off from frostbite, and you will hear Alex saying that water will not be a problem because they can easily melt snow. Also, Ben is a doctor and this is not something that will make you feel that the characters are in an immediate danger.